Meaning of Diy Skincare Products
The full meaning of DIY is Do it yourself, it’s a means producing products on your own. Diy Cosmetics is a process by which Skincare products are being produced by individuals at home, which can also be called homemade.
Basically, DIY means that, instead of hiring a professional to do a particular task or, instead of buying goods from a store or an artisan you’re choosing to do that task or create those products yourself with no direct help from an expert. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn to resources for help if you use a YouTube tutorial, or a book or blog post to find directions or get your project on the right track, it still counts as doing it yourself. DIY is really about you seeking out the knowledge and developing the skills you need to do something that you would normally pay someone else to do for you.
Skincare Products can be produced at home, by properly mixing some Natural Skincare ingredients in their right proportions and measurement. Although not all Skincare products can be Produced at home by individuals, some needs a careful Production method by well trained scientists and dermatologists. Example: Skincare Products like Tretinion, and retinol.
But, one can produce some Skincare products on his/her own only if he or she undergoes a good Skincare training which should be handled by Skincare professionals. Products such as glowing soap, lightening soap, whitening soap, moisturizing soap, anti aging soap, anti-bacterial soap, lightening creams and Lotions, deep moisturizing Lotions and creams, body butters, hair creams, and many more.
It only takes a good and well trained personnel, to know how to produce all these Skincare products, ofcourse you can’t produce any of the Skincare products meantioned above if you haven’t fully acquired the knowledge. That’s why before you should venture into diy Skincare business, you should do well to undergo a full course Skincare training, it’s very important.
This Skincare training teaches you how to make varieties of Skincare Products ranging from creams, Lotions, Oils, and soaps, you’ll also get to learn how to mix them in their appropriate proportions and measurements to avoid making a mess.
Before Venturing into Diy Skincare business you have to have a passion for it, you have to have this special interest in Skincare. This is because it takes alot of time and patience to learn how to make some Diy Skincare products, but when you finally learn how to properly formulate them, there comes your fortune. Alot of Diy Skincare professionals into the business are really making it big, producing rages of Skincare products to their customers satisfaction.
The two main keys to succeed in Diy Skincare business is being well trained in the field, and satisfying your customers needs. This two concepts are very important. When you’re well trained you have in the field, you have every advantage to beat your competitors by manufacturing well formulated Skincare products, which satisfies your customers wants and needs, by so doing you’re creating a name and a good reputation for your brand which will fetch you more revenue in return.
You’re customers satisfaction Should be your utmost conern, of course they are the one that brings the revenue, so why not treat them like Kings and queens?. Ensure you ask them properly on what Skincare products they need before issuing out any of your products to them, also ensure to give them guides on how to properly use the products. Example: Exfoliating the skin before using the Diy Skincare Lotion, moisturizing the skin after using the Skincare products or using sunscreen when using the Skincare products.
Let’s start with laundry soap…
Equipments And Materials Needed For Making Laundry Soap
As an individual new into the business, you just need few necessary equipment such as:
mixing bowls
An Electric or hand mixer: For properly mixing your Skincare Ingredients to ensure proper blending and mixing.
A measuring machine: For measuring your diy Skincare mixures.
A measuring cup: For appropriate proportion and measurements of your Skincare mixures
A funnel: This enables you pour your Skincare mixures into their containers.
Crock pot: For melting Skincare powders using double method
Spatula: for stirring chemicals
Hydrometre for measuring the temperature of the solution
Ingredients for making Laundry Soap
12 litre of Palm Kernel Oil
6kg of Caustic soda
1-3 of soda ash
1/4- 1/2 silicate
1/8 STPP
1/8 CMC
Colour to taste
Perfume to taste
Note that the only one container should be used to measure all the chemicals. If the chemical concentration is high, you add more water to dilute and if the concentration is low, you add more chemicals. This is applicable in all types of soap making.